Johnson, Feingold Butt Heads On New Overtime Rule

New federal rules will make millions more workers eligible for overtime pay. 

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson and his Democratic opponent in this fall’s election, Russ Feingold, are butting heads on the U.S.¬†Department of Labor’s new overtime pay rule.

The new rule, spearheaded by the Obama administration and finalized by the Department of Labor on Wednesday, doubles the salary threshold for workers who qualify for overtime pay. Previously, people who made more than about $23,000 a year didn’t qualify. When the new rule goes into effect in December, the cap will be about $47,000.

Feingold called it an “overdue update,” and a way help struggling middle-class families.

“You’re not gonna tax the heck out of wealthy people,” Feingold said. “What you’re going to do is make sure there’s some balance: minimum-wage increase, paid family leave, overtime if you work overtime.”

Johnson’s office said he is working on ways to block the rule. He plans to introduce legislation next week to overturn it, and will seek additional opportunities to prevent its implementation.