Lake Michigan Erosion Endangers Homes In Racine County

Officials with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said higher water levels in Lake Michigan have started to damage lakeside bluffs in southern Racine County.

The lake is now up four feet since 2013.

DNR water policy leader Marty Griffin said he’s toured the coastline in the village of Mount Pleasant.

“And we definitely observed multiple properties where the high water was eating away at the toe of the slope, which was resulting in instability in the upper areas of these bluffs, and these bluffs are approximately 30 to 40 feet high in some cases,” he said.

Griffin said at least one home in Mount Pleasant has been removed because erosion exposed the foundation. He said other buildings may be at risk.

Griffin said the DNR is allowing private landowners to hire professionals to place heavy materials like large rocks at the toe of the bluff while a long-term solution is designed.