Madison Immigrant Community Reeling In Wake Of Supreme Court Ruling

A Supreme Court ruling on an Obama administration immigration policy has hit hard for members of Madison’s immigrant community. 

“The vote, although in my mind was inevitable, is still a disgraceful failure,” said Karen Menendez Coller, executive director of Centro Hispano, a Latino community organization in Madison. She called the decision “demoralizing.”

The court split 4-4 on the plan, which would have protected millions of undocumented immigrants with children born in the United States. Because of the split decision, the ruling of a lower court, which struck down the plan, stands.

Coller said the community would rally in the wake of the decision, and called on members of the Latino community to vote in November’s upcoming election.

“Although the road is now more difficult, and has taken a new turn, we are used to this,” she said. “We are used to achieving against all odds. We will not give up the fight until immigrants that are the foundation of this country — youth and adults — are recognized by all as Americans.”

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel also responded to the decision on Thursday in a prepared statement:

“This decision is a victory for our constitution. Regardless of what one thinks about immigration reform, the president’s actions were unlawful and the Supreme Court’s decision confirms that the president is not above the law.”